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We're inviting you to become a part of the village.
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Our Mission

Within our Invercargill community, there are many who have all they need to live full lives and raise their children with ample opportunities. Equally, there are others who struggle from day-to-day, with many just coping or living below the breadline.

​Spirit Army is a community working alongside struggling families offering aroha and personal support, help to access resources in the community, a whanau to belong to and a great team of volunteers - that’s our village!

Volunteers are at the heart of our team

It’s a win/win when you are helping others by doing something that you enjoy.


“Adopting” a family and being a sounding board, providing a kind listening ear, dropping hints, and building confidence - the rock of the family. See more on Mentors.

Here are ways to get hands-on - Gardening, Firewood, Tradies/Homehandypersons, Babysitters, Cooks and Bakers or just by keeping an eye out for opportunities on our Email Group and Facebook.

If your life is super busy it may be easier for you to help financially by simply buying our goods,  sponsoring a family, making general donations or sponsoring as a business.

Ehara atu toa i te toa takitahi. Engari, he toa takitini. My strength is not the strength of one.

It is the strength of many.

Add your strength to our village.

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What we need right now

For Sale

Bags of Kindling

Goods Required

Christmas Hamper Donations


Money donations for our Christmas gifts

Volunteers needed

Mentors needed to work with our families

Gardeners needed to tend to our gardens



Find out more about our History & Background
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