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Your decision to support a family will be life changing
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Life can be hectic making it difficult to commit to volunteering and sometimes it is just as satisfying to support us financially by simply buying our goods,  sponsoring a family, making general donations or sponsoring as a business.

Buying our goods

Our families produce kindling for sale all year round, we sell Christmas potatoes and we have general goods for sale that were offered to us. Keep an eye on this page for sales.

Sponsor a family

Your decision to support a family will be life-changing. They will come in from the cold of isolation to the warm hearth of a supportive new family; from struggling alone, they will have the friendship and wisdom of a mentor, from feeling worthless they will become important not only in their own eyes but the eyes of those they in turn support in the Spirit Army family.
From expecting family and friends to fall away and let them down, they will come to trust the unfailing support of others, from being overwhelmed by forces within and circumstances without, they will find a centre of balance, from having their heads under the water tide of coping they will breathe fresh air and rest easy, their family life will transform from a battlefield to a place of peace where children no longer curl up in fear or break out in anger but grow and find themselves loved and valued; from being attacked on all sides by multiple challenges, parents will pick these off one by one and take back their confidence, their spark, their power, their ability to love and be loved. In turn, you will be part of a cycle of giving, healing, restoring that boosts both the family, your family and our wider community.  

The annual cost of sponsoring a family is $750.

General Donation

Equally, any donation is most welcome and will make a difference in the lives of families. Some choose to make a weekly or monthly a/p while others see a given need on our page and respond. 


We also publicise specific goods that families need such as a secondhand bed or whiteware and people donate these if they have one to spare.

Please get in touch to make a donation to help make a difference in our community.

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